Hey, we're Platform Pioneers

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Who We Are

Our Team

Platform Pioneers is an outcome-driven American software company that is run by ambitious, growth-oriented technologists who have a demonstrated track record of delivering outstanding results in complex environments and challenging circumstances.

Located in Seminole, Florida, near the geographic center of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Area, Platform Pioneers benefits from proximal access to one of the best and fastest growing technology talent pools in the Southeastern United States.

There are two things that are special about Platform Pioneers: our people and our practical focus. Our people are special because they are exceptional in both talent and integrity, and we always hire people that possess both of those qualities. Our practical focus is special because our mission is to be the best in every market that we enter, and we only enter markets that we firmly believe we will be the best in.

This same thinking applies to the Monday Apps Marketplace. We have entered the Monday Apps Marketplace with a mission to be and a firm belief that we will be the best. After months of effort, numerous enhancements, and extensive feedback, the Automated Invoice Tracker is the first step in fulfilling that mission.

What We Believe

We believe that integrity is the most important thing in business. That is why it is our chief value, and that is why trustworthiness is central to our vision.

We believe that excellence is the preeminent competitive moat. That is why we require increasing excellence from ourselves in everything that we do.

We believe that quality is paramount. That is why we have high standards, and that is why we build robust products.

We believe that people define the long-term success of companies. That is why our people are exceptional.

We believe in focusing on the customer. That is why we always elicit customer feedback, and that is why prioritize what is most valuable to the customer.

We believe in practicality. That is why our mission is to be the best in every market that we enter.

Our Mission

To be the best in every market that we enter.

Our Vision

To be Earth's most practical and trustworthy technology company.

Our Values

Integrity: resolute consistency and commitment to honesty, working and thinking in others’ and the world’s best interest, and synergistic dealing.

Long-term thinking: build once; build for scale; build with automation in mind; and build for the ideal end-state.

Innovation: closely observe; deeply think; inventively build; substantively measure; and eagerly learn.

Forthrightness and accountability: continuous, humble transparency and fiduciary commitment to the growth of team members and to generating the best outcomes for the organization.

Customer obsession: start with the best possible outcome for the customer and then work backwards. Never sacrifice the best results of the customer for transient alleviation. Continuously commit to critical thinking, creative problem solving, and win-win orientation to drive inventive transformation and delight.

Calculated risk taking: require exponentially better results by identifying the best possible risk-reward opportunities; formulating an aggressive, intelligent, cost and risk-mitigating action plan; and then executing that plan with precision.

Simple excellence: complexity doesn’t sell. Great doesn’t sell enough. Simplicity improves lives and generates life-long understanding. Excellence is the preeminent competitive moat. Simple excellence transforms lives, understanding, and results.

Solution orientation: every problem can be solved. Every problem has an optimal solution. As a fiduciary of one's life and one's organization’s outcomes, it is paramount to relentlessly pursue the optimal solution to every problem one encounters. Doing this will change the course of one's life and shift the trajectory of one's organization.

Tenacity: great things take time and are difficult. The best things take far more time and the road thereto presents continuous difficulties of numerous kinds. If one is committed to achieving the best things, then one is inherently committed to cultivating the tenacity required to overcome those difficulties.

Ownership: 360-degree, second-level thinking, perceptiveness, resource stewardship, and maximization; continuous results focus; and determination to constantly “level up” oneself and one's organization.